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Culinary Management Service

  • Our Food services are one of our recognized services which provides a different level of culinary experience to the varied taste buds of our diverse gamut of clients, ranging from corporates, hospitals, events, educational institutions, convention, manufacturing industry etc.
  • We focus majorly on three key quality factors while choosing and serving nutrition, freshness and hygiene of food.
  • Our knowledge and experience of Indian cuisine have helped us to cater multi-culinary needs of our diverse and assorted cultured clients.
  • We use only branded products and procure food materials from reputed vendors only.
  • Follow FIFO method inorder to ensure less wastage of food and maintaining the freshness.
  • Inventory Management System inorder to ensure that no material reaches its expiry date.
  • Inventory record of Raw Materials are strictly being adhered.
  • Random sampling and inspection of raw materials and prepared food.
  • Our Centralized Concept Kitchen is the next project which will be launched very soon.

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