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Pest Management Services

Pest management is not a choice or a thing of luxury but it is an essential service of this era. Here we provide pest management services to our valued clients in all the sectors ranging from Residential Property to Commercial Facility (FPU, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing units etc).


Our service offerings,

1) Integrated Cockroach & Ants Management Service

Types of cockroaches

  1. German Cockroach
  2. American Cockroach
  3. Brown Banded Cockroach
  4. Oriental Cockroach

Types of Ants

  1. Red & Black Ants
  2. Carpenter Ants
  3. Crazy Ants
  4. Fire Ants
  5. Pharaoh Ants
  6. Bullet Ant

2) Integrated Rodent Management Service

  1. Mice / Mouse
  2. Roof Rat
  3. Bandicoots

3) Mosquito Management Service

  1. Anopheles
  2. Aedes Aegypti
  3. Culex

4) Integrated Bed Bug Management Service

5) Fly Management Service

  1. House Fly
  2. Flesh Fly
  3. Green / Blue Bottled Fly
  4. Fruit Fly
  5. Drain Fly

6) Integrated Termite Management Service

  • Subterranean termites

7) Bee Save Service

8) Snake Wrangler Service

9) Boring Beetle Management Service

10) Misc. Insects Management Service

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